How to open a restaurant?

In order to do business with profit, the owner of the bar must be knowledgeable about everything: from boring paperwork to procurement and even to promotion on social networks.
So does he have time to be the boss, you ask? If he calls the Mint Consulting team, he will have it, otherwise, here are some guidelines for easier navigation in the hospitality industry.

First the plan, then everything else. If you want to enter the hospitality industry, the first thing you have to do is clearly define your business plan, and then “see” how much money you have at your disposal. You should have financials ready for inventory and financials ready for working capital.
Boring as it sounds. The future restaurateur must first decide whether the establishment wants to register as SUR or as D.O.O. If he decides on SUR, then he can only have one restaurant, and he is responsible for the fine only with his property because he has retained the status of a natural person. If he decides on the D,O.O variant, he will operate as a legal entity, but the fines will be much higher than for natural persons.
Now, when you have decided how to register your business, you must register it with the Agency for Business Registers (APR), and for that you will need several “little things” such as a single registration application for the establishment of an entrepreneur, a photocopy of an ID card, proof of payment fees and prior consent for the performance of certain activities.
After receiving the decision from the APR, you should make a stamp on which the name of the branch, address and name of the owner are printed. After that, you will receive a PIB (tax identification number), and when entering the register of taxpayers, you will receive a decision on the registration of the establishment of a business entity. It takes you about five days.
Prescribed working conditions
What are the fixed costs of doing business, how much is the income and profit tax, and how much money is going to your employee contributions – these are just some of the questions you should have a ready answer to.
Of course, don’t forget about the consent of the inspection bodies that check whether the prescribed conditions for work are met.
Bank account
To open a bank account, it is necessary to bring the Decision on registration in the register from the competent authorities from the APR, the Extract from the tax records of the competent tax authorities containing the PIB and the Carton of deposited signatures of the person authorized to sign the order for the distribution of funds from the account signed by the authorized person .
And finally, the fiscal cash register. According to the VAT Law, a fiscal cash register is mandatory in catering establishments, and in addition to purchasing a cash register, you also need to acquire a GPRS remote reading terminal in order to complete the necessary fiscalization process.

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