The goal of our company is for our expertise to be an indispensable segment for the best assessment of investing and starting a hospitality business.


Our mission is to establish industrial engineering in all project processes that provide space for adequate work.

Filip Ćirić



a restaurateur by profession. He graduated from the Management for Organization and Business Secretariat at the Higher Business School in Novi Sad. Through his many years of experience in gastronomy, he has mastered all the techniques of an excellent caterer.

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In 2016, he founded a consulting firm in the hospitality sector, Mint Consulting. Since then, he has opened and designed several restaurants in Belgrade and laid the technical and technological foundations in hotels in Serbia. Currently, his company is engaged in several other important projects in the country and abroad.

His passion for gastronomy is growing all the time in creating innovative content. Through the formation of new methods of work and the creation of special tastes. Both in cooking and in the provision of services, but also in establishing the financial structures of the business as a key aspect of a successful business.


Mint Consulting
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