The psychology of menu creation

Turn it around, in one restaurant everything revolves around the menu. And almost everything depends on him, the procurement of food, the equipment of the kitchen, the staff, and the choice of drinks… Writing a menu seems like a simple thing, but believe me, it’s not!
First of all, if you want to create a good menu, you need to deal with the psychology of people. The point is that the guest orders exactly what you want him to order, which is the most profitable dish. Realistically, you can have the best chef in the world who makes specialties that take your breath away, but if you sell the least of what you make the most of, it’s all for nothing!

For starters, think from the guest’s point of view. Imagine, for example, that you offer him to choose from 120 dishes. It can be quite confusing, and who is going to read it? Or to write the names of dishes in letters that only you can read, because that font is your favorite…. Not! You must not do that! The menu must be legibly written and there must be spaces between the lines! Also, the appearance of the menu should be in accordance with the appearance of your restaurant.

And how do guests read the menu?
This is quite important to understand in order to make the right selection of menu places. When the guest opens the menu, he first looks at the top right. That place should be occupied by the most popular dishes. Then their gaze descends to the middle, and that’s exactly where the dishes that bring you the most profit should be. It is also good that certain specialties are highlighted. When it comes to photos of food, they are okay, but only if they are professionally done. It’s true that food photos attract the attention of guests, but they can often have a negative effect. If there are too many, it is not good because it can seem “cheap”.
Descriptions of dishes should be tempting. By no means should they be tersely written. Which sounds better: octopus with almonds or octopus carpaccio with almond cream?
Another variant, you agree, don’t you? While choosing what to order, the guest should create an image of the dish while reading the menu.
All in all, put effort into creating the menu, be creative and imaginative, but never mislead the guests because sooner or later they will rip you off!

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