What is needed to become a restaurateur?

Desire, above all.
And apart from the desire, before starting a catering business, you should have a fully developed concept:
What food will be served in the bar
What will the prices be?
What will the interior look like?
What is needed from the inventory…
These are the questions you need to answer.
Only after that, you can deal with the image of the restaurant. Keep in mind that the image of the bar itself will determine a lot of its guests. And when we are with guests, for example, the staff has a key role. It should be professional, smiling and love what it does. (tip:) Apart from expertise and a big smile, an ironed and clean uniform is also a must have!
What kind of guests do you want to attract?
It is important to determine the target group. Only after you have done that, you can start creating the offer.
“For one project, we literally imagined what our guests looked like. And in those fantasies, they had refined taste and discerning palates.”
Also, in the hospitality industry, location is very important. Of course, not as much as the quality of service.
The quality of service again depends a lot on the kitchen. And how to design a kitchen to be functional?
There are countless questions.
A good organization of work is required. And you must never let yourself lose control! Being in the catering business involves a lot of numbers in your head that change every day and keeping track of everything.
For catering, prepare your nerves and money or leave it to us, experienced in that field, and enjoy!

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