Money or passion?

The difference between commercial restaurants and restaurants opened by restaurateurs out of passion for the business.

Commercial restaurants are restaurants that are opened with one goal in mind, which is to make a profit. They are usually part of a larger restaurant chain and have a standardized food and beverage offering. The goal of these restaurants is to attract as many guests as possible and to provide them with fast and efficient service.

On the other hand, restaurants, opened primarily for the love of work, are usually smaller and independent restaurants.

These restaurants are opened by people who have a passion for food and hospitality. The goal of these restaurants is not only to make a profit, but also to provide a unique experience to their guests.

One of the main differences between these two types of restaurants is in their food offerings. Commercial restaurants usually have a standardized menu that does not change often. On the other hand, restaurants that are opened with a different motive often experiment with new dishes and change their offer according to the season and the availability of fresh ingredients.

Another important difference is the atmosphere in the restaurant. Commercial restaurants are often large and noisy, with many guests and fast service. Restaurants opened by restaurateurs are usually smaller and more intimate, with carefully selected interiors and a warm atmosphere.

Finally, the difference between these two types of restaurants is in their approach to guests. Commercial restaurants focus on fast and efficient service, while restaurants opened by restaurateurs pay more attention to each guest and strive to provide them with a personalized experience.

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